Frequently asked questions

Hey Low is made for gin lovers. It’s distilled with juniper which is what makes gin, gin. It’s a botanical spirit with less alcohol than most other gins and spirits on the market. And we’ve made it for social or solo drinking occasions when you need to or choose to drink less but not completely abstain from alcohol.

Hey Low is the perfect alternative to a full-strength gin. Mix it with a light tonic or soda water for a low alcohol gin and tonic with fresh or dry garnish. It’s also the perfect fruity cocktail base for cool tropical vibes. We also love to mix it with the delicious range of StrangeLove low calorie mixers including ginger beer and grapefruit.

Delicious! We often describe Hey Low as a “lighter gin”. Our spirits derive their taste from botanicals and natural fruit extracts. Even though our products come in tropical fruit flavours such as passionfruit and pineapple, they are not sweet but rather a botanical version of these flavours. The botanicals blend together perfectly to create a citrus-forward spirit with savoury notes and very subtle sweetness.

Hey Low has 10% ABV - Alcohol By Volume - which is the percentage of alcohol per 100mL. A single 30mL shot which is all you need for a G&T is 0.25 standard drinks, or a quarter of a standard drink. A double 60mL shot for use in cocktails is 0.5 standard drinks, or half a standard drink.

That’s all you need for that little alcohol “buzz” without the “blah” feeling. And it’s all we need to create a delicious spirit - it’s just the right amount of alcohol to help carry the botanical flavours. At 10% ABV it’s easy to keep track of what you’re drinking so you can moderate your alcohol intake.

Yes! Hey Low is distilled with classic gin botanicals such as juniper, coriander seed and angelica root. For citrus “zing” we add botanicals including mandarin peel, native strawberry gum and lemon myrtle. For fruity “pop” we add natural fruit extracts including lemon, passionfruit, mandarin and pineapple. A small amount of naturally occurring preservative is added to ensure the product remains stable and meets strict food-safe standards.

Hey Low is available to buy on our site and at selected retail outlets in South Australia:

Adelaide Airport Southern Providore, Angas Park Cellars, Arkaba Hotel, Aldinga Hotel, Belair Fine Wines, Edinburgh Hotel, Lockleys Hotel, Marion Hotel Cellars, Marryatville Hotel, Melbourne Street Wine Cellars, Regions Cellars, Sideways Liquor, St Peters Cellars, Stirling Cellars, Torrens Arms, West Beach Cellars, Urban Cellars Mount Barker.

Online: We will package and get your delivery on its way to you within 24 hours of your order (except weekends and public holidays). Delivery is a flat rate of $10 on orders within Australia or free delivery on orders over $100. We deliver within Australia only. You must be over 18 years of age to purchase our products.

You can now find your favourite low alcohol spirit - that’s Hey Low of course - at these local South Australian venues:

Arkaba Hotel, BRKLYN, Fox Gordon Cellar Door, Hains & Co, Hard Days Night, Hotel Indigo, Hotel Richmond, Howling Owl, John Doe's Local Bar, Mr Goodbar, Marion Hotel, Oyster Bar Glenelg, Rye Room, Sandbar Christies Beach, Stirling Hotel, The General Wine Bar, Torrens Arms.

Each batch of Hey Low botanical spirit is hand distilled in Adelaide by combining locally sourced grape-based spirit and botanicals in a copper still. Natural fruit extracts are added and, as with all standard gin production, purified water is added to bring the alcohol content down to the desired level. The result is a light and clean spirit with a crisp juniper thread, rising citrus notes and hints of tropical fruits.

We’re proud to be able to produce a 100% Australian made gin alternative. Hey Low is distilled at a small batch gin distillery in Adelaide by a dedicated team of passionate spirit producers. There’s no distillery door but you can find us for tastings at iconic South Australian markets and events such as Bowerbird, Cellar Door Fest and Gathered. We live local and love local so show us your support by drinking us, sharing us and showing us some love on social!