Tropical G&T

The simplest way to enjoy Hey Low is to mix and serve it just like you would the humble gin and tonic. A spirit and a mixer – easy! 

As always, making the perfect G&T comes down to taste but we like ours with a 1-to-3 ratio of Hey Low to tonic. We also recommend using a good quality tonic free of junky additives. 

Garnish adds a pop of flavour and fun to your G&T – here’s our favourite version with a tropical twist: 

• 60ml Hey Low passionfruit botanical spirit
• 180ml Strangelove light tonic
• Slices of dehydrated pineapple and lime garnish (or squeeze of fresh lime) 

In a highball glass or tumbler add the ice, the Hey Low, then the tonic. There’s no need to stir – just give it a little swirl. Top with garnish and drink happy! 

Equates to half a standard drink. 

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